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IMPORTANT NOTICE: What you are reading here is not a scam or what so ever trick you might think, also this article is only for JAMBITEs WHO WANTS TO SCORE OVER 300 IN 2023 JAMB EXPO | RUNZ QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, 2023 JAMB EXPO, JAMB RUNS 2023 ,FREE JAMB EXPO/RUNZ WEBSITE 2023 JAMB ANSWERS /RUNS EXPO JAMB QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS /BEST JAMB 2023 EXPO/RUNS , REAL JAMB 2023 EXPO PORTAL Free 2023 Jamb Answers, 2023 Jamb UTME Questions and Answers that will love to write once and pass without resitting for it next year.


We have been proclaimed as the main JAMB UTME Exams Assistance Source. We have staffs is almost all tertiary institutions and Exam bodies within Nigeria .

A lot of people call it 2023 JAMB CBT RUNS/Expo Answers or Free 2023 JAMB Cbt QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FREE JAMB ANSWERS Chokes , but we call it 2023 UTME (Jamb) assistance Program .

It very important you understand that we don’t provide free Jamb assistance

E-JAMB Assistance Packages: This is a form of assisting jambites , school owners , parent or who ever that wants to score high in Jamb exam 2023, by sending your JAMB details to our trusted agent(s) in JAMBHQ Office


  • We will help you edit your Jamb answers, meaning: the answers you checked wrongly will be  replaced with correct one.
  • We will increase your Jamb score to 350+
  • You don’t need to be panic, you can take your Jamb without any fear, pick, check anything you feel and our agent will do the backup .

We will also send correct and verified 2023 JAMB Questions and Answers to you via Email (Why not as SMS?) 2 Days before your exam so as to make it more easier for you to study it ,cram it and make our agents work light. It will also help our agents work faster on increasing your score .


The reason is because Jamb English Questions is 60. Do you think your phone can received 60 JAMB English Questions?! Not to talk of the answers and other subjects .

Be very careful! Let assume we want to send this very article to your phone as sms, will you phone accept it,?? It will not even send not to talk of your phone to received it.

NOTICE: Only Jamb officers(Staffs) can do this kind work and NOT any other person , and We have them in this secret assistance organization.


MUST READ: Immediately you subscribe for this E-Jamb package, you will get:

  • Higher Score (320 and Above) in 2023 JAMB Exams
  • You may or may not study the Jamb Questions and answers we sent to you.
  • Our JAMB Agents are always there to edit what ever wrong answers you pick and change it to correct answers.
  • You could upgrade your Jamb Score by your self by following procedure on our jamb upgrading page.
  • If you pay early, we can assist you choosing preferred Centre you will like to write your jamb exam.
  • We have special/miracle Jamb centre for you .
  • Your details are safe with us.
  • You can speak on phone with our agent .
  • VIP Treatment

With these 320+ is guaranteed, Your admission will be more easier .


In this E-JAMB Package ,We will send Your JAMB Questions and Answers dirrectly to your phone A day to your exam through your provided email.

If you don’t have an Email account Contact us to have a free one created for you. Google Mail(Gmail) is recommended.

NOTE: We are here to help you, your money don’t really count ,because we all get our Good Salaries at month ending, so we will not lie, confuse  or scam you, you are students to us .


N10,000 Per Candidate

    •  VIP Treatment
    •  Get correct Jamb Questions Answers 
    •  Fast delivery time (A day) before exam  
    •  Send details to our agent for special help 
    •  Equal Price for every department 
    •  Payment Per Subject 
    • Choose Jamb centre to write your exam 
    •  Miracle/Special Centre 
    •  Higher Score is 100% Guaranteed (320+)
    •  Part/half Payment 
    •  Money Back Guarantee 
    •  Free Jamb Upgrading
    •  Get Q&A on Email and Answers Page



We Will Deliver To You 100% , Real and Confirmed 2023 JAMB CBT Questions and Answers a day before your exam. We are 100% sincere about this delivery time. You might see some individual websites telling you that they will send you Jamb Questions and answers A Week Or 7-2 Days Before Your Exam, and that they will send it as SMS (text message).

ADVICE: We urge you to be very vigilant and ignore all those scammers . JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 can NOT be send as text Messages , because the content of the questions is more than what SMS can contain . Just trust us for our service and you will thank EXAMSANSWER later. 



We don’t send JAMB Questions and Answers /Expo /Runs to you as SMS because the content of message will be much, We are to forward it to your Email Account : either Gmail ,Yahoo Mail ETC.

If you don’t don’t have an E-Mail account Contact us now to get one created for you free. Or
Alternatively You could request for your Jamb Questions and answers page.

How to request for Jamb Q & Answers Page?

You will be able to request for your answers page after payment once you login
You can use answers page as an alternative if you don’t use Email.

With our Jamb Questions and answers Page ,you can view your Jamb Question and answers on this very website, if your Email is not that working


  • if you are a female, or male who’s don’t have boldness
  • you are not that good in memorizing /Cramming,
  • If you have written Jamb many time but you don’t make it.
  • Want to study course that requires higher jamb score.

E-Jamb Package is best suitable for you and it cost only N10,000.00


NO Scamming in this website, we’re The Secret UTME Staffs from various exam bodies and institutions in Nigeria ,we’ve already said it, you all are our student, we have people like you.

Do you expect us to go this far (Bring various school and exam bodies staff together) only to scam?, make you cry? make you sad? or ruin your life? , because of money? .

We all get our good salaries ,we established this Organization to help you and also make side money, there is NO reason for us to make you sad, you will be happy with our service. If you feel or think this is a Scamming website, please don’t subscribe here, kindly leave. the choice is yours.
And if you don’t like our services, kindly request for a refund!


  • With out an account you can not pay or get our service
  • Your JAMB Questions and Answers will be send to the email you used to registered
  • You will be able to Upload your Application Slip (with this Admission is Guaranteed.
  • Open Ticket for Fast help
  • You will be able to input your exams details E.g Jamb Reg No, Subjects ,Exam date and Time, Score you want Etc.
  • Drop Your Phone Number so we can reach you if needed and Many More.

For Any Enquiries | Issue on Payment Please Mail Or Send us an SMS on 09161848007

The JAMB 2022 question and Answers


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