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NECO GCE Registration Form For 2022 2023

We will be discussing How to fix Neco No CA3 ; the Meaning of National Examinations Council NECO ‘No CA3’ & How to fix Neco No CA3

Following the release of the National Examinations Council (NECO) Results for June/July SSCE Exam, we have been receiving series of questions from candidates that participated in the last SSCE on the meaning of ‘No CA 3’ and How to fix Neco No CA3

Meaning of Neco ‘No CA3’ how to fix it

The National Examinations Council (NECO) has released the meaning of CA3 and how to resolve and fix No CA3 issues encountered by candidates trying to check their 2019 SSCE results. See the meaning of NECO ‘No CA3’ and how to resolve the issue below.

NECO has officially addressed the issue of How to fix Neco No CA3 via its official twitter timeline. See details below.

NECO ‘No CA 3’ Meaning and How to Resolve/fix it.

What is CA3: Continuous Assessment for students of 3.

What does it mean by No CA 3: It means your school did not uploaded their Students continuous assessment 3 on our database and by such the result of such candidate will not be released.

How can I solved it: Go to the office where your candidates wrote the exam and you are required to pay Twenty Thousand Naira for last submission all payments must be made into NECO TSA ACCOUNT.

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The National Examinations Council (NECO) Timetable + Free PDF Download 


How Schools can Make payment for Late CA 3 Submission

If you did not upload your candidate’s CA 3 at the appointed time you’ll be required to pay a late fee charge, before you’ll be able to upload any candidates CA3.

The fee for late CA 3 upload can be found here and is required before any candidate will be allowed to check their results.

Use these steps to make payment for late CA 3:

  1. Log into your SSCE internal account with your username and password.
  2. From your dashboard, you can either click on the Make Payment button or use the Payment button located on the side menu to begin purchase.
  3.  Select CA 3 option and click on the Submit button.
  4. You’ll be redirected to the Remitter web page to complete your purchase.
  5. Once your purchase is completed, you’ll be able to upload your CA 3. Launch the offline application and enter each Candidates CA 3 that was not uploaded previously.

In conclusion, candidates that cannot do anything to solve the issue. Contact your school to do the needful as specified by NECO.

I strongly believe that with the above tutorial, you now know how to fix  Neco No CA3 issue/problem


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NECO Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’s]

  1. After buying my scratch card, I mistakenly paid into another
    school’s account. How do I rectify this problem?
    Ans: Contact the state NECO officer with the details of the card
    used in making the payment as well as the center numbers of both
    schools. This is necessary due to the need for proper identification
    before the restoration can take place.
  2. The number of units for registration is less than the
    corresponding value of the card I have loaded. What can I do?
    Ans: This situation can be resolved by going to the “Card Payment”
    =>”Resolve Missing Units” tab. You will be able to resolve any issue
    on missing registration units.
  3. How can I print the candidate records I have registered?
    Ans: Go to ‘School Reports’ => ‘School Detail Report’. Here, you can
    print out a list of all the registered candidates.
  4. Is Continuous Assessment a necessary requirement for this
    online registration exercise?
    Ans: Continuous Assessment is an important part of this
    registration exercise. This would ensure that the relevant NECO
    officials can retrieve the candidates’ Continuous Assessment
    records anywhere they may be and anytime they are needed.
  5. How do I add the Continuous Assessment records of external
    Ans: Centre administrators are required to request for the
    Continuous Assessment records of external candidates from their
    respective schools to enable them complete the registration for
    such candidates.
  6. How do I register a student?
    Ans: Go to ‘Registration’ => ‘Register Student’. After entering the
    student’s details, click the ‘Register’ button. You would get a
    confirmation if the registration is successful.
    You would then be given two options to either register another
    student or view the exam card of the student you just registered.
  7. I cannot remember my password. How do I retrieve it?
    Ans: Report to the state NECO officer for assistance in retrieving
    your password if you have either forgotten it, or you are unable to
    log in with your current password. After you have been
    successfully identified as the administrator/representative of your
    centre, you would be given a new password which you could modify at a later time.
  8. What do I enter as my username while logging into the portal?
    Ans: The centre number assigned to your centre by NECO is to be
    entered in the username field while logging in.
  9. I mistakenly registered a candidate twice. How do I delete it?
    Ans: You can not delete a registered candidate from your record.
    You will need to get this done by contacting the NECO support
  10. Some of my candidates don’t have middle names. Is it really
    Ans: Entering the middle names of candidates is not compulsory
    since some candidates may not have middle names. Do enter
    these names if they are provided but in cases where such names
    are unavailable, you can omit them.
  11. Can I still edit after submitting the records I have entered?
    Ans: You cannot edit records after they have been submitted.
    Contact the state NECO officer for further assistance. If the
    registration has been submitted, the message under the ‘status’
    column of each student’s record would read ‘Confirmed’.
  12. How can I view the records I have entered?
    Ans: You can view the records on the ‘Registration History’ page.
    Under the ‘Status’ drop down list, you can either select
    ‘Registered’, ‘Not Registered’ or ‘Invalidated’ and then click on the
    ‘Get Records’ button to display the records. You can also choose
    how many records you want to view at once (i.e. 1,10,20,50 or 100).
  13. After registering my candidate successfully. No Exam Number
    was assigned. What can i do?
    Ans: You can resolve this problem by going to the Examination
    Number usage Tab (“Registration” -> “ExamNo Usage” tab) . The
    system will automatically attempt to resolve the error. If this action
    does not resolve the error, please contact the support team.
  14. How do I know how many days I still have left to edit my
    Ans: Check the ‘RD’ column on the ‘Registration History’ page. ‘RD’
    stands for Remaining Days (the numbers of days within which you
    still have a chance to edit). Note that editing can be done within a
    seven (7) day period.
    16: How do I submit the records I have just registered?
    Ans: You don’t need to submit records manually anymore. The
    records would be automatically submitted at the end of the
    registration exercise.
    17: I mistakenly registered one/some of my candidates in another
    school. How do I rectify this problem?
    Ans: Contact the state NECO State officer with the details of the
    card used in making the registrations as well as the records of the
    student(s) involved.
    18: How can I edit a student’s record?
    Ans: Go to ‘Registration’ => ‘Record Editor’. Enter the student’s
    registration number, click the ‘Retrieve Record’ button. Please note
    that you can only edit certain fields. To Edit a candidate’s name you
    need to contact NECO support center.
  15. I am yet to finish my registration using the card I bought and I
    just received a message that says I have 0 unit left. How do I
    resolve this as I am sure I paid for more units than I got?
    Ans: This can be resolved by going to the “Card Payment”
    =>”Resolve Missing Units” tab. You will be able to resolve any issue
    on missing registration units.
  16. I misplaced my scratch card(s). How do I retrieve the unused
    Ans: Contact the state NECO officer with the details of the missing
    card(s) as soon as possible.
  17. I cannot see some of the links on the portal (Registration etc).
    What do I do?
    Ans: Contact the NECO site administrator for assistance.
  18. Are pictures required in this registration exercise?
    Ans: Passport photograph are NOW required in this registration
    exercise. NECO also expect you to provide your photo album
    during examination period.
  19. What is the acceptable passport size?
    Ans: PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH SIZE for registration should have
    Maximum Height and Width = 140px, Minimum Height and
  20. What is the official portal for checking NECO results Online
    NECO official portal for checking SSCE results remains
    NECO 2022 | 2023 English Mathematics Biology Physics Chemistry
    Literature in English Government Economics Commerce I.R.K C.R.K Agric
    Science Geography Accounting Further Maths Civil Education
    Computer Science Office Practice Animal husbandry Questions and
    Solutions Answers | Expo / Dubs / Runz | Runs


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